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Karate for kids
Karate is one of the best activities that children can participate in.
As a disciplined art, karate will help your child learn to accept
responsibilities, become more aware of their surroundings and to
develop greater concentration skills. Your child will learn karate
in a safe and friendly atmosphere where the emphases is placed
on practice and participation rather than on winning. All our
instructors are certified to teach karate by the SSU- USA and
have many years of karate experience that they wish to pass
on to the students. Your child will be treated with kindness
and patience to ensure that his/her karate training will be fun,
exciting and rewarding. The self defense aspect of karate is
unfortunately almost necessary for children in todays society
but you may find that it is secondary to the inner skills your child
will learn, such as self respect, patience, kindness and the
willingness to work toward a goal and not to give up on
themselves. These benefits will carry over to their schoolwork
as well as later in life for college and their careers.
Karate for teens
Karate training is a fun way to exercise and is very popular among
most teenagers. The speed, power and effectiveness will appeal
to those teens who are looking for an active and exciting pastime.
Karate training will help you to look and feel great while learning
to defend yourself. As an individual sport karate provides a fun
way to exercise for those who may not feel comfortable in team
sports. Karate is one of the most exciting ways of getting in
shape and toning the entire body. You will not be bullied, picked
on or pushed around by anyone, and you will find everyone
involved in the karate program to be really friendly and helpful.
Many students have found lasting friendships through karate
and each student will be accepted and allowed to be their
own person. If being a Black Belt Instructor is one of your
dreams then this is the place to start on the path to success.
Karate for adults
Karate training is one of the best ways of getting in shape.
Karate will help you to become more physically fit while
increasing your endurance and overall health. We start with
simple easy to remember exercises and gradually increase the
number and time spent on each technique. You will find that in
no time you will have mastered the basics of karate. For those
that may not have participated in sports or who have not been
active for some time, you will find our beginner classes are a
great workout without being to strenuous. Karate class is a
place where you will meet new people and make many new
friends while learning an incredibly effective form of self
defence. You will be treated with respect, courtesy and
patience by the instructors who will help you in every aspect
of your training. Karate is a great activity for parents to do with
their children, you will have fun training together and
as you advance through the ranks you will lead by example
and be a positive role model for your child.
What we offer

Classes for all ages.

Fun and friendly atmosphere.

SSU National membership.

Color belt advancement tests.

Black Belt training and certification.

Instructor training and licensing.

Referee courses and certification.

Competition Team training.

National and World Tournaments.

Special Karate and weapon
seminars with guest instructors
from the USA, Europe and Japan
Shito-Ryu Shukokai Union USA
Traditional Karate for the 21st Century
"Every journey begins
with the first step"