Reorganization of the Shukokai in the United States
After the death of Chojiro Tani founder of the Shukokai, a general conference was called on
July 28, 1998 in order to set the agenda on the new basis of Shukokai. First a new name for the
organization was selected by ballot as the Shito-Ryu Shukokai Karate-Do Union secondly
Mr. Haruyoshi Yamada who held an 8th dan certification from the Japan Karate-Do Federation
was unanimously elected as the new leader. "With Mr. Yamada's thorough knowledge of the
constantly shifting world of Japanese karate and his appeal as the best teacher at Shukokai
who facilitated traditional karate-do," the Shukokai entered the 21st century.
In an effort to restructure the Shukokai organization and spread the style globally Yamada Sensei
selected representatives to hold the position of Chief Instructor for the various member countries.
It was thought that a union formed by each Hanshi of the previous Shukokai with their firm ties and
strong organizations would be highly successful throughout the world. Shukokai began it's new era.

Eric Tomlinson 6th dan was chosen by Yamada Sensei as the Chief Instructor for the United States.
Sensei Eric settled in St. Louis Missouri and established a karate headquarters for the United States.
New York under Sensei Michael Berkowitz was the first state to join with Sensei Eric, California under
Sensei Ed Smith quickly followed and the Shito-Ryu Shukokai Karate-Do Union USA was formed.
Directory Committee
President - Michael S. Berkowitz
Vice President - Dave Lundy
General Secretary - Kevin Snell
Treasurer -
Membership Officer -
Senior Advisor -
Technical Committee
Chief Instructor - Michael S. Berkowitz
Assistant Chief Instructor - Dave Lundy
Central Regional Director - Dan Galarza
New York State Chief Instructor - Kevin Snell
Official Bylaws
Coming soon.
Haruyoshi Yamada Sensei 10th Dan